2023 Lunch Pail 100 Awardees


accelHRate is a well-known retained executive search firm with extensive experience placing Boards of Directors, Human Resources and Financial Executives.

Hokie Founder(s) Kim Shanahan (’93) & Kelly McPherson (’98)

Active Capital

Active Capital is an early stage venture firm focused on the future of B2B SaaS. They invest in pre-seed and seed stage companies leveraging cloud computing, AI, etc.

Hokie Founder(s) Pat Matthews (’02)

AKKO provides modern solutions for phone and device insurance, flipping the script on deceptive and anti-consumer experiences of the past.

Hokie Founder(s) Eric Schneider (’15)

Allan Myers is the largest heavy civil construction company and materials provider in the Mid-Atlantic with eight regional offices and 21 asphalt and aggregate plants.

Hokie Founder(s) Ross Myers (’72) & Aaron Myers (’00)

Alpine-X operates recreational destination properties intended to foster family-centric active lifestyles and experience-based sports entertainment.

Hokie Founder(s) John Emery (’86)

Amplify Federal

Amplify Federal specializes in offering cutting-edge solutions to federal agencies, ensuring these institutions can manage their operations in today’s digital age.

Hokie Founder(s) Andrew Plofchan (’11)

Aravenda’s consignment software sets a new standard in the industry, enabling businesses to manage their consignment processes more effectively and drive their growth in a competitive marketplace.

Hokie Founder(s) Don Neff (’90)

Artimus Robotics

Artimus Robotics creates cutting-edge motion technology designed to provide life-like motion for the new generation of robotics and automation.

Hokie Founder(s) Eric Acome (’11)

Asana Partners

Asana Partners is a vertically integrated real estate investment company. They create value by investing in neighborhood mixed-use and retail assets.

Hokie Founder(s) Jason Tompkins (’92)

BACCH Laboratories

BACCH Labs creates 3D audio technology designed to bring immersive sound capabilities to devices like cell phones, providing breakthrough solutions and powerful hardware and software tools.

Hokie Founder(s) James Mentz (’00)

BC Architects Engineers

BC Architects & Engineers recently marked a significant milestone with over 10,000 telecommunications projects, highlighting their commitment to quality, efficiency, and competitive pricing.

Hokie Founder(s) Chris Morin (’92)

Big Blue Swim School

Big Blue Swim School offers weekly and a-la-carte lessons as well as improvement camps and provide a curriculum for students to learn swimming in a comfortable environment.

Hokie Founder(s) Scott Sanders (’92)

Blackbuck Resources

Blackbuck Resources provides water storage and pond management services intended to facilitate water conservation. They design, build and operate water infrastructure with specialization in water disposal.

Hokie Founder(s) Justin Love (’08)



BnB Tobacco is an online retailer and wholesale distributor of a wide variety of premium cigars, machine made cigars, little cigars, and more!

Hokie Founder(s) Brad Williamson (’93)

BOOST was created to help government contractors focus on what they do best – winning new business and exceeding customer expectations.

Hokie Founder(s) Stephanie Alexander (’98)

Bravely is an employee productivity solution. They provide employee coaching that improves engagement and performance. They also offer key insights to your HR team.

Hokie Founder(s) Sarah Sheehan (’00)

Buchanan & Edwards

Buchanan & Edwards is trusted partner on missions of vital importance to the defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and civilian communities.

Hokie Founder(s) Brian Karlisch (’93)

BuildBuddy is an enterprise platform intended to serve developers working with Bazel. The platform captures build logs, invocation details, target information, and artifacts to generate a complete picture of each build. 

Hokie Founder(s) Siggi Simonarson (’13)

Bullpen is a full-stack commercial real estate staffing and recruiting company – facilitating full-time, fractional, and freelance work relationships for top real estate companies and talent.

Hokie Founder(s) Tyler Kastelberg (’13)

Carbon’s CLIP technology enables mass customization and on-demand production of final parts from resin pools, unlocking unique material capabilities for manufacturers.

Hokie Founder(s) Joseph DeSimone (’90)

Cary Street

Cary Street Partners is a leading independent wealth management firm operating in a partnership culture, we serve individuals, families and institutions in 17 offices across six states. 

Hokie Founder(s) Doug Stewart (’83)

Centrillion Technologies

Centrillion Technologies genomic technologies designed to offer effective access to genomic information.

Hokie Founder(s) Wei Zhou (’92)

Centripetal Networks

Centripetal is a threat intelligence gateway application designed to mitigate any attacker to misuse the Internet access of any legitimate Internet user.

Hokie Founder(s) Steven Rodgers (’74)

Champions Round

Champions Round is an online sports fantasy platform  that enhances the spectator experience for fans of live sports through live questions, win cash, etc. 

Hokie Founder(s) Chase Payne (’08)

ClickUp is a project management platform designed to increase team productivity.

Hokie Founder(s) Zeb Evans (’10)


ClosedLoop is a data science platform for healthcare. The platform is designed so that healthcare organizations can easily use AI and machine learning in their operations. 

Hokie Founder(s) Andrew Eye (’01)

Clowder is a mobile engagement platform intended to connect brands with users. The platform offers configurable tools such as account management, private messaging, and a member directory among others. 

Hokie Founder(s) Sergei Dubograev (’10)



Commonwealth Care of Roanoke exists to provide the most caring, compassionate and complete rehabilitation we can.

Hokie Founder(s) Debbie Petrine (’78)

Espire Services

Espire provides integrated global solutions for our valued government and civilian partners, delivering an uncommon advantage.

Hokie Founder(s) Glenn Vogel (’92)

Fifth Season

Fifth Season creates food products intended to streamline vertical growing operation. The products are grown in a controlled growing environment that outperforms existing operations.

Hokie Founder(s) James Webb (’05)


Formsense is a wearable technology that tracks your athletic data. There are over 20 sensors embedded into their machine washable activewear.

Hokie Founder(s) Nathan Ramasarma (’00)


Founderpath is a financing platform designed to help software as a service (SaaS) based companies thrive and develop. The platform offers collateral-free loans and equity-free short-term funding, enabling clients to launch their business without losing their stake.

Hokie Founder(s) Nathan Latka (’11)

Fringe is an employee benefit marketplace. The company’s marketplace offers personalized and self-selected benefits services to those employees who are struggling with financial burden.

Hokie Founder(s) Andrew Dunlap (’08), Chris Luhrman (’07), Isaiah Goodall (’07), and Jordan Peace(’07)

Gizmatic is an agile team of engineers, designers and fabricators who want to solve tough problems. In thier fully-equipped prototyping shop, they not only design, but also manufacture and test prototypes in-house.

Hokie Founder(s) Will Vatis (’12), Scott Freeman (’12)

GoCanvas is a central platform to connect your field operations to the office. Through the platform you can manage your field work with greater visibility into your business.

Hokie Founder(s) Chris Morrisette (’02)

Goodcall is a cloud-based conversational platform designed to manage incoming phone calls and boost customer service.

Hokie Founder(s) Bob Summers (’98)

Goodfynd is a all-in-one platform, point of sale, and marketplace for food trucks and mobile vendors. They are the world’s first business in a box for companies without a permanent location.

Hokie Founder(s) Sofiat Adbulrazaaq (’09), Kyle Miller (’13), & Lemaire Stewart (’09)

Gravy Analytics

Gravy Analytics is a location intelligence company. They deliver location analytics that allow organizations to make better business decisions.

Hokie Founder(s) Jeff White (’91), Guy DeCorte (’83), & Jason Sarfati (’11)

Harbor Investment Advisory

Harbor Investment Advisory is a full-service investment firm that focuses exclusively on serving wealthy individuals, families, and institutions.

Hokie Founder(s) Fred Hill (’83)

Harmonia Holdings Group

Harmonia Holdings Group is at the forefront of innovative software solutions, catering to diverse sectors such as government, defense, and commercial industries.

Hokie Founder(s) Pallabi Saboo (’93)

Henritze Dental Group

Their skilled dentists offer a wide variety of dental services, across nine offices in SW Virginia, ranging from simple dental cleanings and exams to more complex treatments like root canal therapy.

Hokie Founder(s) Andy Henritze (’93)

Hylaine is a software consulting firm intended to resolve many technology challenges that exist for mid-market and Fortune 500 companies. 

Hokie Founder(s) Adam Boitnott (’98), T.J. Eberle (‘89)

Inertial Labs creates position and orientation technologies designed for assistance in commercial/industrial and aerospace/defense applications.

Hokie Founder(s) Jamie Marraccini (’93)

InGo is an event management software designed to allow event attendees to invite their friends to the event.

Hokie Founder(s) Michael Barnett (’06)

Insync is a conversational platform intended to design and build chatbots having applications in customer assistance and services.

Hokie Founder(s) Raj Ramaswamy (’02)

Jeli is a one-stop incident response tool and culminates by allowing you to learn from incidents. Creating a proactive environment, that prevents burnout, improves retention, and relieves stress.

Hokie Founder(s) Nora Jones (’12)

KBH Thompson

KBH Thompson offers a diverse range of services with a particular focus on the power generation and industrial sectors.

Hokie Founder(s) Tarun Ganeriwal (’94)

Kindred Motorworks

Kindred Motorworks is a motor work service intended to modernize vintage cars.

Hokie Founder(s) Rob Howard (’92)

KMS Technology

KMS Technology is a provider of offshore software development, testing services, and consulting services.

Hokie Founder(s) Josh Lieberman (’90)

Koalafi provides lease-to-own consumer financing services intended to assist in goods and services procurement. 

Hokie Founder(s) Boomer Muth (’02)


LawnStarter is an on-demand lawn care platform intended to provide scheduled lawn mowing and related lawn-care services from insured professionals.

Hokie Founder(s) Steven Corcoran (’10)

LePrix is an e-commerce platform intended to connect online shoppers with designer consignment stores around the world.

Hokie Founder(s) Emily Erkel (’03)

Logikcull is a legal e-discovery platform designed to help law firms and organizations solve complex challenges.

Hokie Founder(s) Andy Willson (’01)

Mangata Networks

Mangata is a satellite-enabled network services company. Using highly elliptical orbit and medium earth orbit they can extend their network around the globe.

Hokie Founder(s) Brian Holz (’86)


Metistream is an interactive healthcare analytics platform. They use AI and NPL to automate the process of integrating, transforming, and analyzing unstructured data for health and life sciences organizations.

Hokie Founder(s) Chiny Driscoll (’91)

MixMax is a sales engagement platform. Their platform provides web services that include features like email tracking, email scheduling, templates, advanced calendar invites and other scheduling tools. 

Hokie Founder(s) Brad Vogel (’05)

Mythic is a computer chip manufacturer. They have developed integrated circuit technology designed to deliver desktop-grade graphics processing units in a button-sized chip. 

Hokie Founder(s) Mike Henry (’07)


Nailbiter is market research platform designed to help marketers understand how consumers make product purchase and usage decisions.

Hokie Founder(s) Amit Dhand (’98)

Octo Consulting

Octo is an IT solutions company. Octo works with federal agencies to help them modernize faster.

Hokie Founder(s) Mehul Sanghani (’98)

OnSiteIQ is a construction documentation platform designed for risk assessment for development projects.

Hokie Founder(s) Ardalan Khosrowpour (’16)

Our Next Energy

Our Next Energy is a battery manufacturer. They have developed transformative battery technology intended to significantly improve range while lowering the cost of batteries and electric propulsion systems.

Hokie Founder(s) Mujeeb Ijaz (’90)

Oxygen is financial application designed to offer bank account, transaction card, and affordable loan.

Hokie Founder(s) Hussein Ahmed (’08)

Ozmo is an enterprise tech support platform intended to solve device and application support at scale.

Hokie Founder(s) David Catalano (’05)

PathFinder Digital

PathFinder specializes in the development of satellite ground terminal solutions engineered to meet the unique and particular needs of each project, primarily for military and government agency programs.

Hokie Founder(s) Roger McGarrahan (’84)

Pearl Certification

Pearl Certification is a home certification system designed to determine the energy efficiency of existing homes.

Hokie Founder(s) Cynthia Adams (’97)


PingBoard is an organizational chart software designed to simplify the process of organizing teams, planning for growth, keeping everyone informed.

Hokie Founder(s) Bill Boebel (’01)

Placemakr is an accommodation booking platform intended to turn empty apartments into pop-up hotels that could be booked for a stay.

Hokie Founder(s) Steve McCord (’06)

PlanetiQ provides weather and climate data services. They offer satellite-based weather forecasting and climate monitoring data and applications services.

Hokie Founder(s) Chris McCormick (’82)

Plus Up, Inc.

Goodtimer, an innovative tech company, recently launched a cutting-edge educational toy designed to transform the way children learn and form good habits.

Hokie Founder(s) Adam Ashley (’00)

Procon Consulting

Procon Consulting provides comprehensive services in project management, real estate, and facilities management. They continue to excel in delivering exceptional solutions to clients across various industries.

Hokie Founder(s) Kyu Jung (’96) & Mark Ilich (’96)

Pulsora is a compliance tracking and insight software designed to manage and improve ESG footprint. The platform gives deep analytics that can be integrated with both the source and destination ESG systems of customers.

Hokie Founder(s) Murat Sönmez (’89)

Qolo is a business-to-business payment application designed to navigate complex payments and financial transactions landscape.

Hokie Founder(s) Daren Beyer (’89)

Questis a personal finance solution platform designed for businesses that transform employees’ relationships with money.

Hokie Founder(s) John Tabb (’03)

Quintar augmented reality platform intended to amplify the live game fan experience.

Hokie Founder(s) Sankar Jayaram (’86)

R.W. Murray

R.W. Murray Co. is a leading provider of high quality construction planning, estimating, and workmanship.

Hokie Founder(s) Steve Daves (’89) & Jonathan Barbour (’01)

Relay is a digital payment platform designed for instant electronic lumper payments.

Hokie Founder(s) Ryan Droege (’11)

Emerging desktop robotics company developing a portable laser cutter to improve rapid prototyping and making anywhere.

Hokie Founder(s) Kaelum Hasler (’21), Martin Angst (Masters ’19), & Ron Flanary (’89)

Scite_ is a research validation tool intended to identify the veracity of scientific work and scientists. The tool utilizes machine learning and a network of researchers to validate research.

Hokie Founder(s) Josh Nicholson (’15)

SHEEX is a fabric bedding and sleepwear company. They offer bedding and sleepwear products made using performance fabrics that allow ventilation and control body temperature.

Hokie Founder(s) Susan Walvius (’86)

Smallstep is a comprehensive suite of infrastructure components and operational tools designed to build and maintain zero trust systems.

Hokie Founder(s) Michael Malone (’06)

Socially Determined

Socially Determined is a social risk analytic technology intended to measure the impacts of social determinants of health (SDOH).

Hokie Founder(s) Trenor Williams (’92) & Anthony Beverina (’88)

Sonny Merryman

Sonny Merryman is widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading bus dealers. Their goal is to provide customers with quality buses and the best service and support in the industry.

Hokie Founder(s) Floyd Merryman (’81)

Sonosa Medical

Sonosa Medical provides solutions for diagnosing and managing sleep disorders. They’ve revolutionized the way sleep studies are conducted, offering non-invasive, wearable devices for comfortable at-home sleep testing.

Hokie Founder(s) Stephen Restaino (’11)


SourcePoint is a content compensation platform designed to protect consumer privacy. The platform offers subscription-based consultative services for publishers to obtain privacy law-compliant consent from consumers to use their data.

Hokie Founder(s) Benjamin Barokas (’05)

South Block

South Block, known for its OneBlock initiative, is a business committed to improving communities by offering healthier food options and encouraging positivity. Beyond being a popular juice bar, they inspire people to feel good about themselves and their community.

Hokie Founder(s) Amir Mostafavi (’98)

Stateless is an enterprise software platform intended to make network functions flexible and scalable. The platform integrates scalable network functions with virtualization facilities.

Hokie Founder(s) Eric Keller (’99)


Steampunk is an IT consulting service intended to help clients capture, process, store and exploit the value of data in support of strategic and tactical decision-making.

Hokie Founder(s) Matt Warren (’96)

Sythonics makes metal-coordinated pharmaceuticals that incorporate proprietary metal coordination chemistry. The company is committed to the discovery, development, and commercialization of safer and more effective drugs.

Hokie Founder(s) Tom Piccariello


ThreatQuotient is a threat intelligence platform designed to empower security teams to respond to cyber threats. The platform integrates with an organization’s existing processes and technologies to form a single security architecture.

Hokie Founder(s) Wayne Chiang (’06)

Toffler Associates

Toffler Associates brings cross-industry experience and a cross-functional methodology that gets beneath the surface of a complex issue to clarify the strategic issues in play.

Hokie Founder(s) Maria Bothwell (’90)

Tribute is an online video platform designed to be used for creating and sharing video montages. The platform offers a video application where users can create a video compilation to congratulate or thank their loved ones on special occasions.

Hokie Founder(s) Andrew Horn (’08)

Triumph NIL is a dedicated Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) company at Virginia Tech. They specialize in assisting student-athletes with the management and monetization of their NIL rights.

Hokie Founder(s) Kelly Woolwine (’90)


TrustPoint offers high-quality GPS tracking solutions for vehicles, designed to help businesses manage their fleets more effectively and securely.

Hokie Founder(s) Chris DeMay (’02)

Veho is an end-to-end e-commerce delivery service intended to offer personalized next-day package delivery. The service helps clients cut shipping costs and gain full visibility into all of their shipments, allowing clients to increase customer loyalty and reduce costs.

Hokie Founder(s) Fred Cook (’08)

Venus Aerospace

Venus Areospace is a space company intended to provide a new approach to hypersonic transportation. The company is focused on engine efficiency, aircraft shape, and cooling technology for aircraft. 

Hokie Founder(s) Sarah Duggleby (’06) & Andrew Duggleby (’06)

Versa Networks

Versa Networks is a software-defined networking (SDN) platform designed to provide integrated cloud, networking, and security services. The platform provides network and security infrastructure that runs on x86 servers or white box appliances.

Hokie Founder(s) Kumar Mehta (’82)

Visbanking offers modern digital banking tools. They help banks and credit unions make their services digital and improve their customers’ banking experience. Using smart technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Hokie Founder(s) Brian Pillmore (’00)

Vistant (formerly PM Consulting Group) is a company on a mission to make the world a better place. By harnessing the power of innovative technology and a team of dedicated professionals, Vistant works tirelessly to improve lives and create positive change on a global scale.

Hokie Founder(s) Walter Barnes (’00)

W.M. Jordan Company

W.M. Jordan Company works with customers who want quality buildings that meet budget and schedule demands. They work to reach a building solution that is feasible, cost-effective and of the highest quality, using the latest technologies for optimal efficiency and innovation.

Hokie Founder(s) John Lawson (’75)

W2 Communications

W2 Communications is a full-service integrated marketing firm focused on creating awareness and credibility campaigns for information technology companies in the business-to-business and business-to-government markets.

Hokie Founder(s) Evan Weisel

Weights & Biases

Weights & Biases is a dataset optimization tool designed to build quality software for deep learning practitioners. The tool develops performance visualization for machine learning that helps teams track their models, visualize model performance, and easily automate training.

Hokie Founder(s) Shawn Lewis (’06)